Friday, February 13, 2009

Walking Safari: Top Ten Tips for Walkers

To enjoy an African walking safari, you do not have to have the endurance levels to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.

An African Safari is not just about seeing the Big Five, it's about the small stuff. You get to distinguish between the different foot prints, you get to check out flowers, trees, plants, you get to see the insects, you even get to inspect dung!

Here are few tips to help make your walk a trip of a lifetime:

  1. Wear neutral colors (greens and browns); avoid white, bright or very pale colors.

  2. Lightweight long pants are better than shorts, they help protect you against ticks and thorns.

  3. Make sure you wear a hat to protect you from the sun (neutral color).

  4. Go without deodorant (animals sniff out artificial scents).

  5. Make sure to use sun protection, even when it is cloudy and overcast.

  6. Take a small backpack with you containing a bottle of water, your camera and a Field Guide.

  7. Make sure to listen to your guide and do EXACTLY AS HE SAYS.

  8. Keep binoculars handy, preferably on a strap around your neck, they will come in very handy.

  9. Bring a lens in your backpack that can take close-up pictures, also a long distance lens to capture the animals in the distance.

  10. Whatever you want to do (go for a bathroom break, tie your laces) make sure to tell your guide.
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