Friday, February 6, 2009

Animal Spotlight: The Elephant

Living up to its title as one of the Big Five, the African elephant is the largest animal on land, with adults weighing nearly 12,000 lbs., and standing approximately 8 - 13 ft. tall. These tremendous creatures are magnificent to watch while on an African safari tour. Their close knit families, playful manor, and intriguing physique are just a few characteristics luring the attention of visitors.

Bizarre Elephant Details:

• Elephant trunks are made up of more than 40,000 muscles. Compare that number to the human body, which is made up of only 640 muscles . . .

• The elephant’s trunk is a fascinating tool, which performs several different actions. It uses its trunk to smell, drink, breath, and pick things up. Quite the innovative tool.

• All African elephants have tusks which are used as shovels to pick the ground to find water and food.

• Elephants are herbivores—the animal version of a vegetarian.

• There are two species of elephant—the Asian elephant and the African elephant, with the Asian elephant being the smallest of the two.

• Elephants’ ears are an important cooling mechanism during those hot African days. Their ears emit heat in order to cool their bodies. Another way elephants keep cool is splashing through the water. They suck water up their trunks and spray it over their bodies to remain cool.

The mere sight of an elephant on an African safari tour will have your heart pounding with excitement and curiosity. The baby elephants will surely provoke a giggle from within as they prance around waterholes, splashing about.

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