Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Unique “Tasting”

When all the wine tasting gets to be too much, try a taste of something that won’t give you the spins. Olive oils produced in South Africa are some of the best in the world and many farms offer both olive oil and wine tasting.

Olive oil is rich with the flavor of the land it was harvested in, which is why each olive oil is slightly unique to the area it was created in. Olive oil tasting is similar to the process of wine tasting. Both invite the nose and taste buds to differentiate the complex flavors and aromas, which lend to its taste.

Visitors to South Africa’s prestigious Morgenster Estate enjoy both wine and olive oil tastings. Morgenster produces a variety of olive products including black and green olives, extra virgin olive oils, and olive pastes. Internationally recognized for its exquisite olive oils, this farm boasts a large library of awards and was recognized as “Mill of the Year 2007,” the greatest honor for olive producers. In addition, the farm’s extra virgin olive oil was the first olive oil of South Africa to win Italy’s L’Orciolo D’oro award several times in various categories.

Visitors watch the process of extracting oils from the olives at the Estate’s olive processing center, receiving an up-close look into olive oil production. Most of the olives are hand-picked and the oils must be extracted within two days of picking.

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