Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walking Safari: The Complete Connection to Nature

Are you ready to take a vacation full of fresh perspectives and life-altering adventures? Zambia’s Luangwa National Park is the place to go. Famous for its exceptional walking safaris, exotic wildlife, unspoiled wilderness, and infinite beauty, the Luangwa National Park is a must see destination for safari enthusiasts.

Filled with a wide spectrum of wildlife, the Luangwa National Park is the ideal haven for water dwellers, land animals, and tree habitants. The intricate streams, which weave throughout the land, stimulating heavy plant growth, and the bending trees, which canopy the streams and earth, create the perfect place for a walking safari.

Celebrating over a 100 different species of mammal, 500 species of bird, and nearly 50 species of reptile, you’re guaranteed to see something extraordinary in Luangwa National Park’s wilderness. Walking safaris bring you closer to exotic wildlife than ever before. No longer do you have a safari vehicle between you and nature. It’s the raw feeling of being among nature with no barriers, which creates a sense of fulfillment and thrill.

During your walking safari, a personal tour guide takes you through the untouched woodlands, open grasslands, and dense forests. You’ll see lions yawning as the afternoon slowly passes, crocodiles waiting patiently in the water, and elephants bathing in the stream with their young. The feeling of pure excitement washes over your body as you stand merely a few feet from these magnificent creatures.

This is not a vacation. This is a one-of-a-kind experience. A perfect memory. Let Hills of Africa Travel plan your African family safari or honeymoon safari. Contact us today at (877) 845-4802. A world of radiating beauty, breath-taking creatures, and fantastic adventure awaits you in the hills of Africa.

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