Friday, February 27, 2009

Hills of Africa Travel Presents The "Children" of Africa - A Providence Day Video

Hills of Africa Travel is helping senior students from Providence Day School in Charlotte, North Carolina, visit Africa in hopes of lending a hand to locals in need. Hills of Africa Travel is using the world-famous African Encounter travel group, to arrange for these students to visit the South African township of Soweto, Robben Island, Cape Town, Red Hill Community amongst others.

African Encounter and Hills of Africa Travel strive to have a positive impact on the African economy and environment, taking every opportunity to bring about constructive changes in Africa.

The areas these students will visit, desperately in need, are going to be given a gift—the aid of the Providence Day students, who will integrate themselves into the community to lend a helpful hand.

While on their trip, they will visit and tutor children at a Soweto School, play soccer in Cape Town, tutor and play with children at an orphanage, and plant a vegetable garden in the crippling Red Hill community. The Red Hill community is in desperate need of sustenance, and these students are dedicated to bringing this to the land in hopes of providing food and jobs for the people.

You may be wondering how much African culture, nature, and rich history, can have such a large affect on the people who visit. Why each person who travels to Africa is moved by the scent and music in the air, the genuine smiles of the people, and the heartwarming culture. It’s a place where exquisite beauty is matched by no other place on earth. This is Africa—a world unlike any other.

Hills of Africa Travel presents The “Children” of Africa—a Providence day video:

Hills of Africa Travel is proud to be an active member in the African community, and is always looking for new ways to make a positive impact. To learn more about our efforts and travel itineraries, contact us today at (877) 845-4802.

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