Monday, February 9, 2009

Life is perfect on the Garden Route's Beaches

Home to stunning backdrops, sprawling white beaches, and magnificent wildlife, the Garden Route in South Africa is one of the most celebrated vacation destinations in the world. The year-round beauty and ideal climate offer locals and visitors alike, the opportunity to relax on the Garden Route’s many beaches under the African sun.

The pristine, white coastline of the Garden Route is accented perfectly by a mountainous and lush green backdrop. With sheer beauty and tranquility surrounding the area, it’s no wonder the Garden Route is one of the most world-renowned beach destinations.

The variety of Garden Route beaches to choose from may be a difficult task, but whichever beach visitors choose, they’ll never be disappointed. Each beach is a haven for a wide spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy breathing in the ocean’s salty sea breeze, whale watching, diving, water sports, basking in the sun, or photography, you’ll love the golden beaches of the Garden Route.

Choose from:

Mossel Bay

Bordering the Indian Ocean, this seaside delight is rich with culture, adventure, luxurious restaurants, high-end accommodations, museums, and so much more. When the beach gets too hot, take the whole family on a whale watching tour, to the Shell Museum and Aquarium, or to the Maritime Museum. With so much to do you’ll never want to leave.

Plettenberg Bay

Enveloped by the jagged Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma Mountains, Plettenberg Bay is an excellent place to hike extraordinary mountains and witness unbelievable landscapes. Relaxing at a nearby café or high-end restaurant is a great way to cool off and spend time reminiscing about the day with family. For a little more adventure, enjoy a one-of-a-kind whale watching excursion for a break from the beach.

The Wildern
ess Beach

If you’re looking for a beach backdrop with rugged terrain, serrated mountains, and frothy, crashing waves, Wilderness Beach is the place to go. Also excellent for sunbathing and relaxing, this beach uniquely combines excitement and tranquility.

Port Elizabeth

Famous for its sea port, beaches, and fantastic climate, Port Elizabeth is one of the top vacation spots in Africa. The year-round breeze and the warm waters of the Algoa Bay, make Port Elizabeth the ideal location for sailing, windsurfing, and swimming. When it’s time to take a break from the beach, the city offers great shopping, a variety of eateries, historic sites, and much more.

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