Monday, March 16, 2009

Uthando Foundation: Helping the Children of Africa in Need

Based in Africa, the non-profit organization, the Uthando Foundation exudes just as much beauty and inspiration as the hills and sprawling plains of its African homeland. The Foundation is dedicated to helping the children of Africa in need. Hills of Africa Travel believes in the Uthando Foundation’s efforts and we do as much as we can to be a part of their revolutionary cause. We participate in many Uthando events, and programs in order to give back to the community and help a people who are just as extraordinary as the land they live in.

The mission of this phenomenal foundation is “To raise moral and financial support for children who are infected or affected by the HIV / AIDS crisis in South Africa.” Included in these efforts are, providing necessities to children who have become orphans due to HIV / AIDS or parents who are unable to provide for the children because of the disease. The necessities Uthando provides those children in need include food, shelter, education, a positive and playful environment, and medical needs.

The Uthando Foundation and Hills of Africa Travel believe in educating the local population, as well as the international population, about the devastating effects HIV / AIDS has on the children of Africa and on the population as a whole. The Uthando Foundation works to increase awareness of the disease in the community, by hosting workshops, classes, and community projects, dedicated to helping people provide for themselves. The Foundation also strives to teach Dutch and South African children about other cultures, the problems these cultures face, and the lifestyles associated with these various cultures. These teachings are done in order to facilitate a greater understanding within these children—an understanding that there is a world outside of their own.

Implementing their objectives into actions, the Uthando Foundation organizes projects and events, which serve in the absolute best interest of the community.

Projects the Uthando Foundation is currently working on:
  • Re-building and lending emotional and financial support to the Agape Orphanage in KwaZulu-Natal. Uthando personnel frequently visit the orphanage to lend emotional support to the children and listen to their concerns and feelings. Uthando’s rebuilding efforts are in response to the January, 2005, orphanage fire. The Foundation has been working diligently to raise money, awareness, and volunteers to help in the re-building process. Recently, the Foundation sent ten Agape children to Holland to generate publicity for the orphanage and raise as much money as possible. The trip was a great success, raising $37,000 in donations. The combination of the Holland trip donations and past donations is enough to re-build the Agape Orphanage!

  • Participating in the Bobbie Bear Project. This project is dedicated to lending support and therapy to children affected by rape. Sexually abused children, as well as women, have a place to go for therapy, information, and emotional support.

  • The Education Fund opens the door for a better future for the children living in poverty. This project provides children in need with an education that allows them to survive in the world, and have the opportunity to grow in life.

Hills of Africa Travel is a dedicated supporter, and participant in the Uthando Foundation’s projects and efforts. We strive to create awareness of their mission and encourage everyone to visit the Uthando Foundation website to learn more or make a donation. Contact Hills of Africa Travel at, (877) 845-4802 to learn more about our community efforts and African safari itineraries.

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