Friday, March 6, 2009

The Best of Wilderness Safaris’ Botswana Excursions—Part I

Botswana is a land rich with a wide spectrum of year-round game viewing, beauty, and cultural diversity. With over 500 species of bird, a wide variety of mammal and reptile, and a plethora of exotic fish, it’s no wonder Botswana is one of the top places to experience an African safari. If you’re interested in seeing large, powerful animals, such as the Big Five, a Botswana safari vacation is perfect for you.

Wilderness Safaris is one of our favorite suppliers in Botswana, providing fantastic accommodations and high-end private safaris. With their array of safari choices, you’re sure to find one that fits your individual preference. Their magnificent selection includes:

Chitabe Walking Trails

Become one with nature on a Chitabe walking safari in the Okavango Delta. No longer is a safari vehicle the boundary between you and nature. Feel the texture of the ground beneath your feet as your heart races to the site of a leopard hiding in the bush. With our armed and licensed expert guides, there’s no need to worry about a leopard pouncing on you, even though the probability of one wanting you for dinner is very slim!

This adventurous walking safari lasts as long as you’d like. Our guides will tailor each day’s walking time around your personal preference. No matter how long you decide to walk for, fantastic game-viewing and birding is present every day.

The Great Wilderness Journey

Walk in the shoes of the famous African explorers as you travel back in time through the mysterious land of Africa, on this wild safari adventure. The Great Wilderness Journey incorporates a 19th-century luxury-safari style camping and lodging experience, which truly reflects the lifestyle of past African explorers.

The Great Wilderness Journey allows you to gain knowledge about the history of the land, while exploring its vivacious beauty. The fusion of adventure and serenity will send tingles down your spine as you explore a land like no other. Journeying to the raging Victoria Falls to take part in wild escapades, and discovering the abundant wildlife living along the Linyanti and Chobe Rivers, is an experience like no other. With its vibrant colored wetlands, the Okavango Delta is nothing short of breathtaking.

A truly authentic African experience awaits you in the unspoiled terrain of Botswana. Enjoy a private Botswana family safari, or honeymoon safari, and experience something truly magical. Let Hills of Africa Travel help you build memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today at (877) 845-4802.


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