Monday, March 30, 2009

Culture Spotlight: The San Tribe’s Bushmen

An African Safari vacation is not just about the sightseeing and game-viewing—it’s about experiencing a unique culture completely separate from your own. One of the most intriguing and unique cultures in all of Africa is the San Tribe’s Bushmen. The emotional and spiritual fulfillment of immersing yourself in this unique culture cannot be matched by any other experience.

Known as hunters and gatherers, the people of this culture were the earliest settlers in the Kalahari Desert region. There is an estimated 85,000 indigenous Bushmen alive today, according to National Geographic magazine. The Bushmen’s legendary history dates back tens of thousands of years ago. In fact, according to several genetic studies, all of humankind can be traced back to these people.

Enjoy an interactive walk with them through the villages, as they share with you their extensive knowledge about survival and the secrets of the land. Hear them interact through a unique language, which consists of various “click” sounds. This rare insight into the intriguing San Tribe allows you to learn about their effective hunting skills and crafting skills. Discover how to make an authentic bow and arrow from natural resources, and understand which wild plants are edible and which ones aren’t.

The tribe’s immense respect for nature is illustrated through their lifestyle choices. They do not cultivate crops, or keep cattle or any other animals. Their knowledge about plants is so extensive, that they know which ones to eat for nutritional purposes, and which ones to use for medicinal purposes. The act of going out together to gather plants is a huge social activity for the community.

Another way they show this respect for nature is through their hunting traditions. When they kill an animal for food they use every part of the animal, wasting nothing. The tribesmen usually hunt zebra, lion, antelope, and other wild game, and use the meat for food, and the hides for blankets.

While on a Botswana family safari, or honeymoon safari prepare to be bewildered by the Bushmen’s legendary history as you spend time with them in a local village opening your mind to an exceptional and diverse culture. Understanding the Bushmen’s deep respect for nature is not only enlightening, but humbling, as well. Contact Hills of Africa Travel today at (877) 845-4802, to help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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