Friday, April 3, 2009

Little Vumbura: Experience the Magic of this Spectacular Oasis

Explore the unspoiled wilderness of the eclectic Little Vumbura, as you enjoy an authentic African safari vacation. With its private feel and stunning landscape, it’s no wonder Little Vumbura is one of the most highly acclaimed destinations in Africa. Situated at the northern region of the Okavango Delta, this island is nothing short of fascinating.

Adding to the memorable experience, the prestigious ecotourism company, Wilderness Safaris, offers exceptional accommodations, excursions, safaris, and amenities for all its visitors. Little Vumbura has six luxurious tents, which is the perfect way to spend your evenings among the serenity of nature. Situated in a legendary Okavango forest, the camp has a pool and patio area overlooking the sprawling landscape.

The bushveld and floodplains in the area offer spectacular game-viewing year-round. The wide spectrum of vegetation is a haven for exotic birds and other forms of intriguing wildlife, while the multiple waterways spread throughout the area are home to hippos, antelope, and crocodile.

The surrounding floodplains are a popular place to view zebra, wildebeest, and Cape buffalo as they quench their thirst in the hot African sun.

An adventurous Little Vumbura safari is nothing short of a sheer delight! Not only is the area one of the best spots for game-viewing in Africa, but the landscape is absolutely stunning.

Little Vumbura safaris:
  • Enjoy a wide spectrum of game, such as the waterbuck, giraffe, elephant, Cape buffalo, vervet monkey, cheetah, lion, and baboon. The full range of creatures in the area, and the opportunity to see all of the animals known as the Big Five, makes this location a must-see destination.

  • Observe a vast amount of vibrant birds, such as the wattled crane, egret, little bee-eater, and fan-tailed widowbird.

  • Choose from various types of safaris in the area, such as a game drive, walking safari, dug-out canoe (Mokoro) safari, or power boat safari. Whatever your preference, Wilderness Safaris is there to make sure you’re satisfied.

Experience a world like no other on the eclectic island of Little Vumbura. Hills of Africa Travel is dedicated to creating the perfect itinerary for you, around your every preference. Whether planning an African family safari, or honeymoon safari, Hills of Africa Travel is there to make your dreams come true. Contact us today at (877) 845-4802. Isn’t it time you took the trip of a lifetime in the hills of Africa?

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