Monday, April 6, 2009

Animal Spotlight: The Giraffe

Tall. Lean. Graceful. Magnificent. Can you guess which African animal encompasses all of these characteristics? If you guessed the giraffe, you’re absolutely right.

Known for being the tallest mammal in the world, the giraffe is also one of the most spectacular to observe in nature. In fact, some people go to Africa for the sole purpose of seeing a giraffe in at least once in their lifetime. Observing the giraffe’s towering neck, friendly aura, peculiar black tongue, and mesmerizing colors and patterns is unlike any other experience, making this creature one of Africa’s most unique animals.

What else makes these animals so spectacular?
  • The average giraffe’s legs are 6 ft. tall, while the neck can be 20 ft. tall! Their total body height is around 13 – 15 ft.—and they’re quite lanky.
  • They can sprint up to 35 miles per hour.

  • Remember the black tongue mentioned above? It can grow anywhere from 18 - 21 in. long!
  • Giraffe’s travel in herds ranging from 20 – 40 individuals and are led by a male giraffe—also known as a bull.

  • Each giraffe has a different set of patterns, which are unique to that individual giraffe.

  • While the average human baby is around 7 ounces, the average giraffe baby is around 6 ft. tall and weighs 100 – 150 lbs. and endures a nice 6 ft. drop as the mother gives birth—agonizing for both the mother and the baby. Wouldn't you say?
Game drives, walking safaris, and horseback riding safaris, are some of the best ways to observe a giraffe herd up close. Watching their gentle movements offers a refreshing change from observing a lion pounce on its prey.

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