Monday, January 26, 2009

Why use a Private Safari Guide for your African Safari Vacation?

Our very good friend, and professional African Safari Guide, Mark Homann of Bushspots based in South Carolina, very kindly gave us the answers to this very important question. Mark is a native Zimbabwean, who has worked as a private safari guide for over 15 years, working in some of the very best safari destinations in the world. We would like to thank Mark and Bushspots for taking the time to help us understand why we should use a Private Safari Guide.

An African Safari Vacation is all about seeing and learning about Africa's Wildlife and the environment they live in. By the time you entrust yourself into the hands of your guide, you will have traveled far and invested a great deal. You are stepping into a world that is so alien to you; you may as well be visiting Antarctica.

A safari guide's role is to manage your experience and to be responsible for your safety at all times. This involves a lot more than getting you in the right place at the right time. Your guide should be an interpreter unraveling the many mysteries that surround you. This is no easy feat and involves a life time of passion, observation and understanding. Now the guiding industry is a tough business to grow old in. A young guide must forgo many of the joys of modern life, work long hours for many months at a stretch far away from the bright lights of civilization for little financial reward. To gain the necessary 10 to 15 years of experience needed to be a Private Safari Guide there is one single quality that makes this small group of guides stand out within our industry, this is an unwavering passion and enthusiasm for sharing Africa's wildlife and wild places with you the guest.

A lot of African Safari Camps and Lodges have very good resident guides and a private safari guide is not always necessary. Whom ever is fortunate enough to guide you, it is important to remember, they work for you, the more you help the guide to understand your interest the easier it is for them to show you the Magic of Africa.

Many people have formed life long friendships with their guides and travel on an Africa family safari every year. It's always hard to say goodbye to your guide, but remember that memories are important, and your safari guide hopefully gave you memories to last a lifetime.

Why not make this year your year to take a trip of a lifetime?

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