Monday, January 5, 2009

Victoria Falls is the Adrenalin Capital of The World

Picture Niagara Falls twice as tall and twice as wide, and you still won't be prepared for the spectacle of Victoria Falls. The locals refer to Victoria Falls as Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning the smoke that thunders. The mighty Zambezi River hurls itself off the top of a 300-foot cliff into a gorge below—becoming one of the most fantastic sights of the natural world. Nothing can compare to the sight of the roaring water, the white mist dancing in the air, and a shimmering rainbow of light above the land. The spray from the falls can be seen up to 50 miles away.

Experience an adrenaline rush of a lifetime at Victoria Falls

• Known as one of the world's best areas for white-knuckle activities, such as white-water rafting - you can take a full day or a half day's rafting trip - it is sure to change your life forever. Spectacular rapids and warm water, make it a "Must Do" activity. (The above video is courtesy of our favorite activity company, Shearwater Adventures in Victoria Falls).
• Seek adventure on the highest commercial bungee jump in the world off the bridge that crosses the Zambezi River, connecting Zimbabwe with Zambia. 364 feet of pure adrenalin rush.
Gorge Swing - imagine a giant swing high above the water ... now imagine a 230 feet free fall before you begin swinging. Stop imagining and try it out.
Flying Fox - imagine taking a running jump into thin air over the gorge, soaring horizontally through the air over the raging Zambezi waters below you - yes, keep seeing yourself doing it.
Zip Line or Foofie Slide - You're going to travel at a speed of 50 miles an hour, hurtling 1,395 feet across the gorge, whilst suspended 364 feet above the breathtaking beauty of the Zambezi water below!
• Take the Flight of Angels in a small, four-seat airplane, helicopter or microlight above the falls. Enjoy the rare opportunity to observe the rapids from a bird’s-eye view as you fly through the mist and enchantment of the Falls.

Yes, you can do it!

Hills of Africa Travel can bring your imagination to life, call us to plan your adrenalin activities in Victoria Falls and Live the Magic of Africa. We plan each itinerary to your desires and we guarantee a trip of a lifetime.

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